light installation ON THE SOPOT pier
(STREET light bulBs, photographic filters IN SUNSET’S SPECTRUM)

The work is installed in place of lanterns illuminating the pier on the Baltic Sea in Sopot. With the advent of dusk, instead of white fluorescent lights, the pier lights up with a colorful glow in the colors of the setting sun.

Sunset is a daily spectacle that everyone secretly loves. The light of the sun, going down lower and lower on the horizon, penetrates more and denser layers of the atmosphere, which is acting as a prism spliting the light particles, filtering waves of short frequencies (blues and greens), and passing only long wave (reds), whose angle of refraction in the prism of the atmosphere it is the smallest.  „SIGHT SET stops the magical moment of sunset and extends it until the morning. „SIGHT SET” is easy on the eye.


photographs: Bogna Kociumbas