(carboard, aluminium, wood, photo-negatives)

The series resulted from performing „operations with many unknowns” in the field of photo-optical processes. There is a peculiar cause-effect relationship between the form of the handmade apparatus and the distortions of representation on the photograph it produces. If-then. What is in between is poetry.

Walentynowicz returns to the analysis of the mechanism of image recording and moves the focal point of the discourse from ontology to epistemology of photography. In her works the objectification and visual anthropomorphization of the camera is a consequence of experimenting with the mechanics of photography. Her camerae obscurae standing on tripods are reminiscent of magical totems; scientific analysis is replaced by a narrative about the magic of photography that returns in a specific gesture of humanizing the machines. (Karolina Majewska – Guede)

The camera-objects of Dorota Walentynowicz entail a reflection on space and a phenomenological approach. The body, although not immediately visible in the work, nevertheless paradoxically constitutes the dynamic presence/absence that is essential to perception.  (David Komary)


photographs: Stefan Lux